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9 Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies to Boost Customer Engagement Rates

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Customer engagement – certain businesses and organizations make it seem to be so simple and easy. Why then are your great contents obtaining hardly for more likes? How come no one reading your blog post or registered for the newsletter?
It feels so doubting and frustrating. You know that you’re generating good quality contents.
In these instances, this isn’t just what content is all about. The actual reason is mainly on how-to. Exactly how are you implementing your content to enhance audience engagement? How are you currently implementing techniques to obtain the desirable results?
Let’s discover the 9 most effective customer engagement techniques you’ll desire to master that you never learnt previously.

  1. Have interaction with Content Engagers
  2. Launch Contest Campaigns That People Prefer
  3. Carry out Surveys to Establish a Win-Win Strategy
  4. Target Existing Audiences by using Facebook Ads
  5. Team up with Other Brands
  6. Improve Your Favorite Posts
  7. Repost Content To Show You Appreciate Your Customers
  8. Utilize Wisely On The Power of Video
  9. Lead Customers And Prospects Right Into Way More On Personalization Experience

It’s don’t ever too late to carefully turn this around and make out engagement rates explode.
Let’s check this out!

9 Strategies to Boost Customer Engagement

  1. Have interaction with Content Engagers
    Social media platforms isn’t actually an advertising place, is actually a place where community are gathered to interact socially via posting valuable contents. In fact, It’s also a part of discovering about new products and services. And thus they really like posting and commenting their experiences and their thoughts with brands whether is good or bad feedbacks.

Business owners who realize that the reason why people are on social media platforms to obtain their desired customer engagement.
It’s awesome to show that your follower count is gaining in significantly. Nevertheless what does it truly matters for your business? It could helps a lot. But it won’t be help if you don’t know how to improve your social media marketing engagement.

Audiences on social media platforms are following many brands. You can discover that some of those brands, the audience are more highly engaged with certain brands’ of social media accounts. The others, they are usually just simply following around since they liked something once and then forgot to unfollow.
When they try to have interaction with your brand, they acknowledge it for the precious moment it really is. What exactly you had done in that moment in time already establishes the phase for long term customer engagement and relationship. Or else it could trigger this follower to never engage with you anymore.
They may possibly like your content and seem to be considerably engaged. But yet that’s the extent of it.
Your objective is you need to be to enhance customer loyalty throughout outstanding customer-oriented experiences.

** To identify exactly how to engage and improve with your followers in the better ways
You could have an ecommerce business, a SaaS company, or any type of businesses, but yet despite of this, you will be working on along with a wide range of audiences and followers on a daily basis. Let’s split this technique down into several engagement methods, so that you can properly handle any customer that comes in the right way.
Let’s break it down into some interaction techniques.

  • Actively Work to Start Out With A Conversation
    Most of the people are preferable when somebody else initializes the conversation, and occasionally the way to build a better long term customer relationships is by firmly taking the reigns. Show that you value their feedback and opinions. Ensuring that they know you’re here to greatly help customers enjoy and fulfill their experience.
    People like when someone else starts the conversation. Clearly show that you value their feedback and opinions.
    Make use of your own content to raise questions. Acquire people wondering about something. Evoke a positive emotional response.
  • Respond When People Comment Or Respond
    If a highly engaged audience took the time to comment on a post, you can take his/her precious time to respond back. It does not need to be instant if the feedback isn’t unfavorable. It generally does not have to be long. Occasionally by simply replied “Thank You” is simple enough. Nevertheless don’t make it is certainly feels like you’re a bot with exactly the same relies in every single time.

A disengaged audience or follower can be perceived as just a bit warmer than a cold lead. Put it in other way, you’ve got a large amount of effort to workout to bring that follower becoming a willing to pay customer.
A respond is expressing the interest in your brand. They should be taken care of as a warm lead. Nurture this little respond right into something and even more.

  • Respond Quickly Against Complaints
    About 72% of individuals now are believe that a business should respond in his/her social media accounts regarding the issue had been faced within an hour. However, it seems like a challenging task for a small & medium business.
    And yet this is a situation where customer needs and their anticipation don’t correspond. Statista discovered that barely about 18% actually expect to have you to respond in within an hour.
    Practically half of the rest be expecting for a respond within 24 hours. And a surprising 33% of the rest don’t expect to have any response or whatsoever.

Most of the small and medium businesses are have the same difficulty and frequently. Their social media managing person might be involving in an additional role even an extra task need to be done by the business owners most of the time.
They might only be logging and active in hot and quick spurts.
However, as what consumers really need is to meet their expectation here can cause an enormous significant difference for your business.
Many of us reach out on social media just before giving a feedback and review, this means that a delay could increase the negative impact or become worse that you never expect.
However, the great news is that the very simple action of indicating you’re hearing can avoid an unpleasant circumstance and might even change a 1-star right into a 4-star review. An individual who has get his/her issue fixed and let them speak with the rest would be more likely, rather than explain hardly to 4-6 people regarding about how you get things done.
Clearly show you’re hearing and actively engaged regardless of whether it’s good or bad to improve customer satisfaction (CSAT). A lot more than that the audience could be observing around. Calm down. Give attention to your response. If the problem isn’t easy to resolve, acquire yourself a handful of time by showing that you’re getting into it. Then ensure that you follow up promptly. Avoid create claims you can’t really achieve. Don’t place someone beneath the bus until you’ve accumulated the actual facts.
That could impact negatively on you if you discover out it had been a misconception.

  • Keep track of Mentions
    No matter good or bad, whatever the touchpoint of your brand is a type of customer engagement. If somebody mentions you and gives you comments from customers, allow them know you’re hearing with a proper response.
    Setup and switch your notification “on” in your account to alert you of mentions. Acknowledge these mentions to boost customer engagement. Whenever your follower see you’re constantly activated and engaged, they will always be too. Take a look at how Whole Foods does respond with their mentions on Twitter.
  1. Launch Contests That People Prefer
    Majority of the people love contests or giveaway campaigns. Not just does someone enjoy the happiness of winning a particular prize. A lot more get that adrenaline dash from contemplating they can get the chance to win, almost winning and planning the things they’ll accomplish if they could win.
    In spite of which social media netwroking platforms you should focusing on and putting on your effort on, a contest campaign done well is an impressive way to engage your regular customer and transform them into dedicated customers.
    Instagram has an extremely easy and quick contest campaing setup. Having over 400 million active end users, Instagram is a superb platform to launch your contest campaign. Still not yet tap on Instagram? Don’t ignore this section. Along with this, we will be using Instagram as an example, most of this will apply to wherever you launch a contest campaign on Instagram that can be apply to other social media platforms as well.

** How to Create Instagram Contest Campaign
Let’s begin. All through this how-to guidance, we’ll talk about a women’s apparel boutique that has done a giveaway campaign for customer gratitude day. They matched their giveaway campaign with a good decent in-store promotion at the same time to gain more awareness through online and offline methods.

  1. Get clear on Your Objectives
    Should certainly this giveaway contest campaign will improving brand awareness, boosting leads, re-engaging your existing customers, and building up new customers? What exactly you determine to establish your goal will influence how you established the contest campaign. Our boutique example exactly choose to run their giveaway to acquire new customers and get existing customer to purchase again.
  2. Determine How to Evaluate Successful Campaign
    Never start a contest campaign without finding and evaluate how it works on. Understand what to evaluate, and using some campaign evaluation tools set up to evaluate it.
  3. Set Up an Entry Method
    You are able to do a lot more instead of just only the boring entrance form. Be creative and think out of the box.
    Will you inquiring people to like and share post content with a particular hashtag to get into the contest?
    You might require them to:
  • Follow your account with a specific timeframe (you usually want a lot more than this)
  • Tag one of your specific post they’ve required
  • Comment or just like a particular campaign post
  • Repost an image on their own feed with a special created brand hashtag. That is Instagram’s version of Twitter retweeting (RT). They repost your picture into their own feed. Below is the boutique example for their giveaway campaign. They made a decision to edit and reused their existing post after the winner was selected so followers acknowledged the timeframe of the promotion campaign.
  1. Generate an Highly Effective Hashtag for the Contest Campaign
    This will be connected the engagement to the contest campaign. Always remember this “SRMUR”. It define as “Short, Relevant, Memorable, Universal (recognized} by your audience) and Rare”.
  2. Have a Theme for the campaign
    If participant are sharing your campaign post, there must a theme connected the campaign together. This should signify to audience familiar with the contest campaign that this can be an admission. A theme works along with the contest campaign, utilizing and magnifying the strength of a brand.
    If the contest campaign is remarkably successful, this theme may become closely connected with your brand. Make a great one.

A theme can associate relatively back to your brand. Or you will be able to go the direction of a specific interest to your targeted audience such as sports, weather or events. For this clothing boutique example, they decided to delicate their theme during their gratitude day with a “treat yourself” vibe with pink and confetti being seen all over their designs.

  1. Revealing Some Hints On How To Win
    You might pick and choose a winner on most likes for their post. This motivates audience to promote the contest campaign with others. Many of them may also can be participants.
  2. Select a winning prize that’s a Win-Win Outcome
    The ideal prize:
  • Makes people get thrilled. It must be a certain value that it’s truly worth their willingness. This particular value will depends on your audience and how interested they’re already. Several} will get enthusiastic fro just a $20 prize. Some and the rest need something different.
  • Delivers you a pretty good ROI
  • Is distinctively appealing to your target audience

You might be so desperated to boost your follower counts by giving away an iPhone 10 or season entry pass or membership for the exclusive club.
But nevertheless, not just this would become more in comparison with most small-medium businesses can devote to a single prize. Look into the quality of followers you’d be attracting. These varieties of gifts have mass appeal. When it comes to highly effective customer engagement, stay away from selecting the winners that will impact engagement negatively esspecially those participants who aren’t as your potential customers.
And even since it is really a contest, you also have to take into consideration on setting several rules and regulations on it. Although they’re not necessary, setting the rules and regulations will make it simplier and easier for participants to participate your contest campaign hence engaging more audiences. You might possibly either put the rules and regulations in an image format or in a different way such as in the landing page. If you decide to place it in an image, ensure that the texts are readable. And if you place it in an entry form or a campaign landing page, make sure the URL link is shorter by using URL shortern tool.

  1. Conduct Surveys to Implement a Win-Win Strategy
    Social media platform is a perfect place to find out more your relevant target audiences. Conducting surveys assist you to collect what you need to understand in a lot more in-depth measurable and practical form.
    Conducting surveys are yet another method to demonstrate you’re hearing your audience. By using what you have find out to strengthen customer experiences you finally earn customer loyalty. And that is quite challenging to attain nowadays.

Tips for Boosting Engagement By Conducting Surveys

  1. Set a precise target.
  2. Select a powerful tool. By doing this, it may be the one of your social media platform. Or you might possibly lead your visitors to your landing page or your webpage. Alternatively, Google Surveys and Survey Monkey are two amanzing survey generating tool that completely free to use. Survey Monkey comes with a paid version which will accumulates more responses and give more in-depth reporting if necessary.
  3. Create the questions correspondent and purposeful to your goal and aligned corectly with the goal.
  4. Always keep the survey short and simple. People will end up getting bored soon after 10 questions.
  5. Always keep response in close-ended or closed choices. Never let write-in answers except when you are likely to spend some time to go through and read through some long reviews. It might be helpful to consume some time in a handful of scenarios. Yet somehow quite often you realize that the most frequent 3-4 answers to a question that will lead some doubtful and confusing answers. Just come up with few options to choose.
  6. Avoid to request what people intend to do. This approach can be truly different from what they actually want to do. In fact, enquire about present or previous behaviour.
  7. Distribute surveys at optimum period of time regardless of whether on social media platforms or via email. This will generally function as period you acquire the a large number of customer engagement certainly.
  8. Provide people something in return through the survey conducted. As low as 10% off for only spending five minutes of their time will boost engagement and sales generated simultaneously.
  9. Set a due date. This delivers a sense of emergency in order to helps you and customers are aware of when it will be ending.
  10. Give a reminder. No matter you’re participating via email direct marketing (EDM) or social media platforms, in some cases people just simply require a reminder
  11. Publish the outcome. This will more deeply engage with those who particated and done the survey. You’ll receive a lot more customer engagement everytime you conduct this. At this point, people will realize that you’re hearing with them.
  12. Target Existing Audiences by using Facebook Ads
    We all know very well what you’re thinking about. Why am I paying on clicks optimization from existing customers? I’ve already done their business.
    For this statement, we’d return the favor, “Would you}, really?”
    If you desire to find out that your customer engagement go beyond what you expecting for, then spending on ads is the wise choice to get what you desire for.

The Prove Is in the Figures
Based on a research conduct firm, Marketing Metric, you may have a 60% – 70% possibility to purchase again to your existing customer, in contrast to only 5% for a fresh customer.

They’re 7 times more favorable to consider purchase a new product or service. If you are introducing a new product, these are the customers you will need to take care of.
A returning customer will consume about 67% more than a new fresh customer.
Improving customer retention by simply 2% and increasing cost effectiveness on marketing, sales, and customer care support overheads by 10%. And a reduce 5% of defection which assist can the brands doubling their profits. That’s the sort of Return On Investment (ROI) we want to experience.
So to summarize this. It’s better to get them throughout the customer and user experience again. And when they purchase more, they will safeguard your money. It is also possible to make your profits dubling.

Methods to Target Existing Customers Via Facebook Ads
Facebook advertising tends to make this truly simple and easy. And all you can do it wiht a few methods to get distinctive results.

  1. You can consider to only show ads to your recent new followers. But the most effectively choose is showing ads to your existing customers which high potential can give you the most repeatitive purchases and sales.
  2. You can upload your customer’s contact details. They’ve really stiffened their own advertising privacy policy to safeguard the information you disclose recently. And moreover, they have the contact details for around 80% of their users already. Obtaining their email addresses or contact numbers can assist you enhance your retargeting efforts.
  3. Generate the lookalike audience sets. This enable you to target audiences and show your advertisements who have most look like on interest, demographi and behaviour with your existing customers but they aren’t knowing your brand and your products yet.
  4. You are able to engage the audiences who’ve visited your website. That’s called remarketing. An Adobe study revealed that it provides greater clicks by 400% along with the increament of profits.
  5. Keep track of customer engagement and target audiences who took actions. Bring new features or a customer loyalty program into position. Your previous customers will return back to your business they really discover the new value in executing.So just make your selection wisely in terms of Facebook’s user or buying experience.

A strong social media marketing strategy is a better way to boost engagement and customer lifetime value (CLV).

  1. Team up with Other Brands
    Collaborating with other indirect competitor businesses to interact with each other’s existing followers. As the wise saying goes, “two brains are greater than one”. Once you collaborate with other brands together you will pooling any costs and improving the outcomes efficiently.
    Besides this, some of your brands may have strugglling with finding the right target audience. Once you collaborate together with each other, you’re “setting a good word in” for the other business and they’re executing the exact same for you as well.
    This creates opportunity both of you immediate gaining trustworthiness with the fresh and new audience base.

Ways to Collaborate to Increase Customer Engagement

  1. Acknowledge to promote each other’s content on both sides of social media accounts and website.
  2. Provide customers an exclusive deal that includes products/services from both each company on special discounts or other promotion campaigns.
  3. Set up a physical event mutually. Getting audiences eagered about it on social media platforms. Motivate audiences to share images, video or live stream while the event is happening.
  4. Organize an online event with each other.
  5. Sharing the costing of a high quality video that could be rationalize rather than paying alone.
  6. Boosting The Higly Engaging Contents
    Most of the brand will using social media platforms to obtain instant results on which most of the people like it. Never allow this specific feature going unseen or unacknowledged.
    For the instance, one of your content post may get the most engagement than the rest, magnifying it by boosting that content. This is basically like accelerating for more exposure via creating an ad post out for optimize the effect with the minimum cost. It is will be possible starting to boost a post for as low as $5 and still will see a significant effect if you setup in the right way.

Grow followers. Generate more traffic to your website. Improve conversion sales rates. Creating brand awareness and word-of-mouth effect. However, not all of boosted posts will get high engagement content that probably not worth for boosting the post.

Conditions for a Post Boosting:

  1. If your content is unique. If it had been a retweet or a curated content, you will not gain the benefit that you are expecting for.
  2. If your content is high value and quality to the target audience. For examplem, if a group of audience liked a 75% off offer, this is not the ideal post to promote. Instead it must be the non-promotional post.
  3. If your content is tally with your social media objectives. If the content was way off from your objectives. Meaning it doesn’t really relevant with your objectives and your audience, it isn’t worth for boosting for sure.
  4. If you launch contest campaigns or giveaway campaigns. The more reach you obtain on those, the more benenfits you can get through running the contest or giveaway campaigns.
  5. If your content have lower text to image ratio. Too many of text will leads not be likely to read by the audience who don’t recognize you and your brand. In fact, Facebook won’t be approved to boost your post with a higher text to image ratio. Make sure to use the facebook image to text checker for free in your ads manager account to check it eligible for boosting the post or publishing an ads until you understand and find the right patterns with the proportions.
  6. Repost Content To Show You Appreciate Your Customers
    If you are aware of it, it’s just about all for you. Express your care and joy to your follower by posting their moments in your social media accounts’ feeds. If they are mentioning your brand in social media platforms, you’ve got a clear statement that you had win their heart. Stay to all these followers as you can.
    Nevertheless, it’s also useful to simply search through several of your most engaging posts with the higher follower likes and share to their accounts’ feed. On Instagram, that is called Reposting. At the same time, you can repost their contents that had been engaged with your post for giving some appreciation and some shoutouts.
    Your action already grab attention of their followers to expand a whole new audience. It could gain them plenty of likes. Moreover, to make their day more happening, you deliver your appreciation to your customers. You’re showing an interest in their lifestyles, along with creating an emotional relationship between them as well as your brand.
    These simple yet easy techniques can establish a strong trust and loyalty meter with hundreds or thousands of followers. They can become your brand ambassadors as well.

Besides this, Reposting gives you a little short rest. It’s much easier to repost as compared to creating your own content constantly.
Set up a schedule. Repost a specific number of days per week. Yet, keep the weekly posting proportional for your own creation content or else it will decrease the quality of the account. Curating content technique in this way ,the proportional shouldn’t be more than 25% of your weekly content posting. However, it apply on Instagram, 25% proportion of curated content is consider a little bit high.

  1. Utilize Wisely On The Power of Video
    Let’s see the actual fact, over 8 billion videos a day people around the world are watching on Facebook. In fact, videos proved that it can generate 5 times of customer engagement rate of the posts compare to the posts are not in video format.
    So why you still not using more video as your powerful social media engagement technique? For most of the small and medium businesses, creating videos is just simply cost that they are believe not worth for paying or can’t effort. Despite the fact that over 60% of people will purchase a product or service after watching a short explanatory video about that products or services.
    Indeed, video is commonly more costly rather than writing a blog. However, when done it right, the Return of Investment (ROI) will boost skyrocket high.

How to Make Use The Power of Video to Boost Customer Engagement
The following are several video content marketing techniques that is possible to take you on the rocketship.

  • Avoid overspending on video creation
    Quality is essential. Nonetheless it doesn’t have to be a million-dollar creation to obtain the desirable results. It’s considerably better to spend smartly a couple of videos that generate can the desired results together to attain the same objectives.
  • Go with a Winner
    In case you have a blog post that people highly enagaging, transform it into a video content format. You are already aware that the content works really well. No more guesswork and also reduce the risk of creating a video that not effectively on the customer engagement and results that you desired for.

How to Promote Videos in the Smart Move

  1. Write a solid and engaging description with highly engaging relevent keywords for YouTube
  2. Add keyword tags that help people easier to search it.
  3. Recommend viewers to hit like, send a good comment, join and subscribe your channel to boost ranking and visibility in YouTube’s algorithm and search togeher with Google’s search engine and algorithm.
  4. Publish the video on multiple social media platforms at high engagement periods.
  5. Make a standardize pattern and unique theme for the video creation so that viewers are easily get recognize.
  6. Make use of Facebook or Instagram ads to obtain an extra boost
  7. Lead Customers And Prospects Right Into Way More On Personalization Experience
    A Gartner research revealed that personalization is going to grow profits by 15%. Accenture discovered that about 75% of people are more favorable and willing to purchase from a brand that can delivers a customized experience.
    About 74% said that they’re disappointed when businesses don’t able to deliver their customize experience.

Social media platforms is awesome ways to engage with customer. It starts up new opportunities for brands to engage with potential customers that most of people likely to experience it. However, it isn’t the ideal place for customer experience customization.
With the intention to increase customization, and prove customer engagement explode, lead potential customers into an environment where customization combine with automating personalization are achievable. Suprisingly 72% of people prefer email.
With email segmentation technique and email marketing automation, you send highly related emails. This result will get high rate of email opened and clicked as well as click-through rate (CTR).

How to Customize Effective Content
It necessary goes way beyond from just knowing someone’s name. You could based on what you had collected the essential data to customized it on such as :

  1. Their most recent website activity
  2. Their Purchase history
  3. Their Location
  4. Their Interests
  5. Their Job role/Industry
  6. And many more

The most cost-effective method to boost customer engagement rate and sales conversion rate is by using customer relationship management (CRM) software automation and software such as HubSpot. These will take out a large amount of the tedious and time-consuming jobs out. The CRM software also enable you to always send the email at the ideal timing for optimum results.
These tools could be somehow the cost burden for most of the small businesses. But when you work together with a digital marketing agency company, they are able to absorb the cost out between several businesses. This will improves the ROI upon utilize this CRM software, even for the smallest business can get the benefits to access to very powerful CRM software.

The Higher Customer Engagement Rate, The Greater ROI
When it comes more audience are engaging with your business related contents, you will obtain more from your marketing budget at the optimum level. If you’re using an omnichannel strategy, then this useful techniques will help you to get the ideal ROI from every facet of your customer engagement strategy. Engage with audience on social media platforms.
Run contest and giveaway campaigns and conducting surveys that people more likely to engage with your brand. Engage your existing customer base to boost CLV. Enhance your customer support services for customer experience value added.
Customize the customer experience.
Are you having difficulties with customer engagement strategy, increasing revenues, and profit? Our team can help your business with customerconsumer engagement marketing along with other services for digital marketing campaigns. Message Us Now!

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