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9 Big Reasons Why Instagram For Business Is Essential For Your Business

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Have your Instagram Account switch to Instagram Business Account? If you had switched to Business Account and experienced it, you are the big fan of using Instagram for Business? Whether you had been switched to Instagram Business Account or not ready yet, this article can explain to you how Instagram For Business can benefits you in your Instagram Marketing strategy.

As we know that Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms that making it more challenging for aspecially for brands and content creators and business owners to find a social media platform that applicable for all of them. With using the right social media platform and the right strategy can skyrocket your marketing strategies and efforts.

To determine that which Social Media platforms you would like to tap into, one of the factor that you can consider is which type of content are you focusing on to target your preferred audiences that you wanted. If you looking around, you’ll find out that the majority of brands and content creators are focusing on more “visual content” types in order to connect to their audiences and their customers. And their results are obviously impressive.

Based on a case study published by HubSpot, visual content is becoming one of the most creative methods to boost the engagement between your audience and your brand at the optimum level, especially
when you are running the social media marketing strategy.

While almost of the social media platforms available you to publish visual content, however Instagram is one of the most social media platform providing the most engaging visual content sharing platform among those available social media platforms in worldwide. With Instagram active monthly uses is over 1 Billions users and over 500 millions daily active users in this platform and these numbers continues to grow.

Therefore, for business owners cannot be ignored to tap into Instagram especially featuring with Instagram for businees but some of the business owners still not looking into the Instagram for some reasons such as lack of knowledge of how Instagram or other social media platforms can help their business and what are the benefits for their business by using Instagram or other social media platforms

Here are some real-world statistics and proven facts that can eliminating the doubts especially for business owners that still haven’t tap into and investing the time into Instagram marketing yet to optimize your marketing strategy.

  • Over 100 million visual contents are actively published globally by users on their Instagram feeds on daily.
  • 7 out of 10 hashtags on Instagram will on the ranked on the top and explore page.
  • In 2020, presently about 25 million Instagram for business profiles had been signed up.
  • One third of Instagram users are intented to buy a product, they will search on Instagram app.
  • Instagram stacked up a huge $13. 86 billion dollars USD in global advertising earning in 2020.
  • The Instagram Stories feature manage to get 500 million active users, equivalent to 2 times of Snapchat active users.
  • Instagram influencer marketing becoming one of the main reasons why social media marketers make use of this platform.

To make Instagram marketing work for your brands and your business, one of the important elements that you need to focus is visual experiences. In other words, creating the creative visual content no matter is images or videos that can greater visual experience is the long way to go further and get on the trend in long term.

The usage of Instagram for business is not only beneficial for Customer-To-Customer (C2C) and Business-to-Customer(B2C) companies, it also beneficial to Busine-to-Business (B2B) companies that can utilize Instgram for business to outstand other brands by focusing on visual content that providing greater visual experience to attract their target audience and gain their reach.

By not wasting so time right now, let’s dive into how to make use of Instagram for business in real business and how it can help to optimize your marketing strategy, especially if you are a local small and media business owner.

6 Big Reason of Why Instagram for Business Is Beneficial In Your Business

1: Building A Strong Social Trust Between Your Brand And Your Targeted Audience

There’s can’t deny the fact that social media platforms today are more on customer-oriented and can reach your customer as fast as possible. These platforms can be the bridge for your business and your potential customer to understand your brand core values and their wants and needs that will help your brand to expand new customer base persistently while maintaining your existing customers.

Now you will prompting a question, what is your business marketing strategy should be implement to apply in real situation? What are the benefits of using Instagram while bring values to your customers at the same time?

To get started in Instagram Marketing strategy,starting with creating an ideal community base for your Instagram business profile. You can interacting with your targeted community based on your preferred period of time regularly. Because without concentrating on the “community aspect”, it’ll be harder to get recognize yourself as a brand on Instagram in terms of value and worth.

One thing that good to mention about Instagram is that it’s compatible with all kinds of content types that can highly engaging with your targeted audience. Simply by creating highly engagement content, your brand can gaining the trust within your existing and new followers.

When audience get interacting with your high engaging and quality visual content on Instagram, it will easily to stimulate a postive emotional connection with all of them. In this stage, you can make your brand more human engaging, and asist you to acquire more sales.

When you have created an Instagram business account, you can started to publish the content posting being a part of your company that your existing followers are not used to see before, which can be done in many different styles. From previously sharing your personal thoughts to your daily experiences within your workplace.Furthermore, this can be done in a comfortable and casual ways, delivering your business in much genuine and personalize way.

For example, start with posting the behind-the-scenes and happening moments in your office such as make the live broadcast videos and sharing your team members’ informal or out of work moments . Uploading such images on a regular basis can create your business appearance even more sincere and trustworthy in the community. Think about the long run, this can make the positive impact towards your business in winning more customers that make them happily to deal the business with you.

Here is a real example on how we posting our instagram content to engage our followers.

2: Focus More On Engagement-oriented

Let’s face the reality, Instagram is playing the roles for getting the brands to more engaging with their audience and their customers. This is a platform had been track proven that getting the highest level of engagement with the right content strategy is possible, it’s merely acheivable.

Although engagement can be define as a metric is complicated to measure, but unrealizing that instagram impacting the businesses getting better results because of the potentially to assist you to get engaging with your targeted audience. Adweek on the ground surveyed 2,500+ micro-influencers proved that about 60% of them discovered that Instagram is the most favourable social media platform for getting highly engagement rate.

In one more study conveyed by Forrester, as the result was found out that Instagram engagement rate is 58 times higher (per follower) winning over Facebook, and over 120 times engagement rate winning over Twitter engagement rate.

It’s also essential to take note that organic post reach on Facebook is extreamly decline daily (approx.) ranging in 1-2% per post. For business purpose of using Facebook (for organic reach) are expecting dissatisfied with low post reach. Alternatively, most of the business owners gradually changing their mind to focus on Instagram rather than sticking to Facebook due to Instagram has proving higher reach and engagement rate.

Brands know which types of contents can delivery the most engaging with their followers, will highly potential leads to a higher engagement rate. This is mainly because of the proven fact that Instagram is less prioritize on personal accounts over business accounts. Instead, it shows content to users with the most favourable. While on Facebook, if using the exact same kind of exposure way with Instagram , you may have to setup the facebook ads campaign or boost posting to optimize the content reach to your followers.

3: Utilizing User-Generated Content Method

User-generated content aka. UGC is nothing special yet a format of content that is specifically generated by like-minded community members related about a brand or a product. Companies not really hire or pay for user-generated content that can makes the genuine trustflow in between brand and audiences. It also authentically similar with the user indirectly advertising for the product or the brand.

According to a case study had been done by Crowdtap, 50% from the demographic of Gen-Y millennials in the early 21st century are unlikely to trust content published from a traditional channels or sources, rather than they are much likely on user-generated content (UGC) sources.

Another same case study conducted by Crowdtap also summarize that millennials are consuming more than 5 hours per day reading the content generated by other user experiences and feedbacks. In other words, user generated content is more favourable and more trusted in the demographic of younger generations who are dominating in the recent and future of digital era.

If you’ve been actived in Instagram, you will discovering that user-generated content (UGC) is one of the most commonly found on this platform, with many brands utilizing it to the optimize their marketing strategy. You’ll discover that those popular gaint companies such as UPS, Netflix and Starbucks reposting the user-generated contents from their own followers accounts.

Take the advantage in the flexibility of this platform, user-generated content works perfectly well on Instagram. It not only assist you to accomplish a higher engagement rate that the likes, comments and shares are included in the metric. Furthermore, this method also build your brand to gain more trustworthy to your targeted audiences.

In consequently, this kind of engagement strategy can shape your brand in the good image around the Instagram community can stimulate the highly engaging content to outstand from the other competitors content in the main feed. It also getting higher possibility to rank in Explore tab which can bring your content exposure into more expanding audiences.

4: Taking Advantage of Low Competition

Are you a local small-medium business owners that you are looking for excel your online marketing strategy? If u are looking for, then you’re the lucky one today. Although Instagram had been well growing with the billions of active users which is consider as the most visited and used social media platforms in globally, however there’s still a low competiton and high opportunity for local small-medium busines owners to take advantage to leverage your marketing strategy on it. Menaning that you don’t have to compete with a lot competitors at the moment right now.

In order to compare other 2 social media giants which is Twitter and Facebook, this is more way lesser small-media brand and businesses to compete with each other on Instagram. A survey had been conducted American Express to conclude that there’s only 2% of small-medium owners are active on Instagram. Which means that it gives you a potential opportunity to stand out in the lesser competition in terms of brand awareness and brand exposure.

Your local business may have alot of business goals that have challenging to pursuit on a highly competitive social media platform such as Facebook or LinkedIn. But along with the low competition on Instagram, to achieve the particular business goals are getting achievable. And subsequently,the higher chances of getting a positive return on investment (ROI) manifolds. By using the right content strategy on the Instagram platform, you will definitely get noticed by your own target audience and also getting more sales conversions.

Is not a matter of what kind of small-medium business you are running for, the likelihood of your target audience on Instagram is definitely higher than you think. You could getting higher possibly to reach out to the similar target audience on Facebook or Twitter in cost efficiently. So in case you haven’t tap into the Instagram , what you need to do now is to get started right now and embrace it.

5: Create Genuine Brand Awareness

Using Instagram for business is definetely is a smart move. Why? Mainly because of the platform has more than 800 million active users, with the high engaging with brands to build relationships long term relationship with the targeted audiences.

Pew Research found out around 35% of Instagram active users of the daily basis,logging in multiple
times with different devices including smartphones, tablets and PCs. Plus more than 50% of Instagram active users made their checked in and swiping around the news feed at least once within 24 hours. Instagram is definitely becoming your opportunity to build genuine brand awareness strategy.

As a business owner, you might find the drawback on Instagram that it is not able to insert website link in your own Instagram posts. But this drawback still can bring the solution to workout on genrating web traffic that most of your competitors might be treat it as an disadvantage for most of businesses. But this is the wrong perception, this is not a drawback for building the genuine brand awareness.

For any kind of business searching for the purpose to make their brand more preferences to their followers via social media platforms, Instagram is the perfect social media platform to build brand awareness. It is a perfect platform to create more creative visual content that are make the brand being unique, more valueable, and most importantly relevant to the targeted audience. Hence, this gives them the opportunity to engage the users in the fair play behaviour meanwhile can get impressed and attracted by meaningful personas.

Take note that an impressive Instagram branding strategy is the essential to build an incredible long term relationship with your existing followers. It gives you to build a strong impression on your followers by showcasing your own content creation and branding strategy for your products or your services based on how creative and unique content have been created. While the overall “trust-building” process takes effort and times to develop in the long term basis that absolutely worth it.

Even assume that you are running a B2B business which is most likely is a boring niche, you can make use of valuable and relevant pictures to get better insights into your business aspects. By publishing the images/videos on Instagram, you are able to present the real character of your products and showcase it to your target audience.

Growing and improving the brand on Instagram not really have an exact proven formula. If you put efforts, consistentcy and perseverance enough in order to achieve your desired business goals with the right strategy and the right tools, business can be sustain longer than you think.

6: Funnelling Targeted Traffic

Most of the reputed Instagram marketer had being asked about Instagram is not the tool for traffic and lead generation. Can Instagram for business not just a platform for creating the brand presence purpose but also including for a long term business purpose by generating traffic in the funnel?

Does it that means to you that you should completely ignore the whole traffic generation strategy on Instagram? Probably not. What you need to do is do it in the right and smart way. You cannot just simply spamming in the everyone direct messaging (DMs) to ask everone to visit the website link in order to get more visitors and getting more traffic. It will not only cause you get the poor results, but may also lead your brand being less credible and in low quality brand appearance.

Your objective with this social media marketing strategy is to build your own branding presence, soon and after it will turn out to be more visible to your own target audience without disgrace your brand.

1. Insert an URL to Your Instagram Bio
You are allowed to insert a clickable link in your Instagram bio, which gives the possibility to redirect the web traffic to the targeted link. Since your bio is usually the first appearance for the audience to your profile most probably is going to get notice, you need to make sure that you leveraging by setting up your geo-location at the same time in order to get as much exposure as possible.

But since in the bio area, you can’t filled as much as you can due to it limits your bio with a few
lines of creative description subsequently with a call to action towards your link that you preferred to insert. Instead of directing the traffic to your sites homepage, direct them to a landing page or an opt-in form where you can get the visitors’ details from what you had offering something downloable such as ebooks to exchange the visitors details. Therefore, the more conversion-focused in your bio URL is, the higher possibility to get leads into your sales funnel.

2. Insert a Straight forward Bio Description
To ensure that your bio description is super clear about exactly what you do and straight to the point. Keep it short and clear cut to the edge.

{Instead|Rather} of overthinking the {bio|biography} or ignoring it {completely|totally}, add a message {to|in order to} it that helps {you|a person} connect to your {customers|clients} and gives them {exactly|precisely|specifically} what they?re looking {for|with regard to|regarding|intended for}.

Instagram bio only limited field up to 150 characters but logically, this can gives a big impact to your audience. For those who are not knowing your brand, your bio is the fastest way to get to understand what your business is all about and what exactly they can get from you. So how do you insert your brand introduction with just limited only 150 characters?

Follow this tips on how to write your precise Instagram bio:

  • Using your brand tagline to show your brand personality
  • Include 2 brand related hashtags on your Instagram bio
  • Try to make use of emoji, much better in case the description is too long to fill in the bio
  • Make sure have line breaks and spaces to make your bio more readable
  • Make sure to include your contact details such as contact number, email and location

3. Watermark Your Images
Watermark your images with your brand name or logo to prevent other stealing your content without any permission and crediting back. Somehow if one of them goes viral, as the creator of this content should get credit.

7: Get Instant Results With Advertise

Instagram is free, yet it also providing the paid advertising options asspecially for businesses that desirely to get an optimum exposure and reach on Instagram and grow their followers based faster. With a small effort and budget planning, you can setup the advertisement on Instagram and obtain an optimistic return on investment.

In fact, Instagram had been bought over by Facebook which most of the advertisement features are connected with each other, you can setup the advertising campaign easily through Facebook Ads Manager. Based on your preferred budget to setup your ads.This can makes your business a breeze by using Instagram Ads.

Do you wish to run an Instagram giveaway campaign or a contest camapign to get the new and fresh followers?

The best thing about Instagram ads is that users don’t consider them intrusive, which indicates that your audience will not be disturbing to see your ads post, as long as you setup the ads that targeted the right audience.

So how does Instagram Ads determine the success or failure of an advertising campaign? It focuses on some of the important metrics such as reach, impression, click throught rate (CTR) and cost per results (CPR) except the metrics such as likes and comments are not taken consideration as the important metrics.

Lastly, Instagram provides with a significant good return on investment compare to other popular marketing and advertising platforms had available on the market. This method is probably interesting to work with and it doesn’t require much time to learn and execute your very own Instagram advertising campaign.

8: Improve The Sales Conversion Rate

Instagram makes it incredible platform to publish your content to promote your brand. With the fact that over 100 of millions of active users in every kind of niche, by using Instagram for business is no denying that is the best method to find potential customers that can convert into sales.

In accordance to a report released by an e-commerce platform, Shopify shows that Instagram had beats over both Facebook and Twitter in terms of the average cost per sale for a service referred. Therefore, here are three ways to enhance your sales conversion rate on Instagram.

  1. Selling With No Shame: According to a case study conducted by Simply Measured, Instagram users that used to following brands merely for the purpose of researching and exploring the products. Hence, it’s often a good idea to add relevant product contents to your Instagram business account. While you should provide value to people that had been followed you, furthermore, you should let them know that you are actively looking for more business.
  2. Choose Appropriate Visual Content:
    Instagram is a real-time social networking platform for sharing and publishing the visual content, which makes the difference from other social media platforms. If your intention is to get more via Instagram, get started by selecting the creative and unique visual content to publish rather than simply and qucikly to pulish the randomize content. Besides of publishing high-quality content, don’t forget to make use of hashtags. Avoid using popular hashtags esspecially in high competition niche. however, consider making use of branded or relevant hashtags to reach your target audience more. These specific with brand related hashtags make a better stand out among yout competitors.
  3. Cross-Promotion In The Right Way:
    Are you wan to retain your sales in Instagram in low level? Definetely not. Who are wanting to right? The reality is by not doing cross-promoting your product on Instagram, you’re are definetely will leaving money on the table. Let your followers on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter let them to know more associated with your Instagram content. This content strategy will potentially achieve better results on both sides, at the same time it will assists you to gain more Instagram followers.

9: Exploring Into the Power of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is definitely an awesome feature that allowing you publish images and videos to become a quick and short story telling of the day, which disappear after 24 hours. So How Instagram Stories feature can works with your business?

A. Enhance engagement rate.
B. Gain more appearance for your products/services.
C. Improve the overall quality of content.

Here is how Buffer, a social media manrketing management platform using Instagram Stories to create lot more engagement from their own followers:

You can using Instagram Stories that tap on together with the advantages of Instagram in much better, much productive way because:

  1. Instagram is definitely works well with a brand like yours which making use of any posting frequency or posting period to boost engagement with followers.
  2. You can redefining the purpose and leveraging your content along with existing resources from your own Instagram account.
  3. Make use of real-time marketing with Instagram Stories and connecting with your own target audience at the right period of time such as when having a live event.
  4. Your Story varnish in 24 hours, therefore is not necessary to shoot professional pictures and alternatively use casual type of visuals that can assist you on personalized your brand. No suprise that most of the influencers are posting a lot of stories on Instagram compared to they posted on Snapchat.

Once you get started utilizing Instagram for business, you will realize that there are much more advantages that you never realize that it can part of the biggest advantage that working out on Instagram Marketing. Hence, Instagram becomes one of the most ease to use and most engaging social media platforms that you still never realize the true potential advantages that it can provides.

If you still feel doubt on using Instagram for business or overwhelming how it works, let our own social media marketing specialists handle it for you at an affordable price. And feel free to contact us any time to discuss your own business and marketing needs.

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